From a Revolutionary in a U.S. Prison


A letter from a revolutionary comrade in a U.S. prison; their name is withheld for their safety. It was written in response to a conversation about the military dictatorship in Argentina of 1976-83.

“Happy Kwanzaa

How are you and your comrades at the moment? I trust that everyone is in high spirits, mentally and physically doing our struggle to achieve change.

As for myself, I’m constantly working for the betterment of the movement, the struggle, and the people while I resign here in this concrete box chain and bound. Other than that, keeping the torch burning in the spirit of revolution.

My sista, it’s a few things you express in your most recent letter that I would like to elaborate on that I was moved by 1) the events that took place in Argentina 2) fight for freedom, love and protect each other…

I’m sorry for the loss of Argentina’s peoples, you know I was troubled about what I read on all the harsh treatment and loss of the people. I was so moved, I asked a fellow brown brotha about it and he shared a book with me on all, everything I needed to know on ‘Latino History,’ it doesn’t touch on the details as you did (submarino and picana) the torture, how they slaughtered the people, and the electrical shock treatment. I was informed that during the Revolution, the government was dropping Argentinians in the ocean, babies, women, children, and anyone they thought was a revolutionary.

Let me share with you, we, I, myself is up against the same battle here in this racist koncentration kamp, these white cracker racist klansmen torture us up here as well, it’s just not published, because these pig try to hide it and keep it out of the public eyes. I have seen these racist white devil KKK beat, drag, and kill brothas. These people lie, steal, kill, torture, drag, beat, and hog tie brothas. They take all our property, pepper spray us, leave us necked in a cage sometimes for nothing. We just came off a hunger strike for the cruel, injustice, inhumane unhuman treatment; I’ve had my fair share of vile treatment as well, for our struggle, our cause, for being a new Afrikan revolutionary brotha & for speaking out against these racist white Klansman. I have an indeterminate sentence, I’m stuck in this cage until I’m released, I will continue to battle & fight for our rights, I refuse to be a broken man. I will rather die on my feet for the cause than to die on my knees. I’m a soldier, a warrior for life, I will continue to struggle for the oppressed people, for you, for the revolutionary brothas & sistas. It’s only right, I believe and have faith in the struggle and the people. Yes, my struggle is your struggle and our struggle is for the people. And I will continue the struggle when I’m released from these chains and out of this cage. I must constantly fight for the Revolution and change for the people for better living, housing, job, work, food, treatment, freedom, justice, etc.

We must unite fight for our rights for our people, we must support all Latinos, Mexicans, Hispanics, Afrikans, Blacks, people of color, Asians, poor whites, love one another, wrap our arms around each other, as revolutionaries we have a voice, we must fight for change. But we must first change ourselves, learn to accept one another, don’t give up on each other. We have to make sacrifices. My love is unconditional, I have a perfect love and perfect hate, love for the oppressed people, the struggle, & the revolution, I hate this capitalist racist klansman injustice peckerwood-cracker prejudiced criminalizing system, I hate the white man and his klansman friends and family and anyone that support him. They have been using, abusing us for years, this new Jim Crow style of slavery must stop. They are murdering our people, locking us up, etc. I commend you for your work that you’re doing, passing out flyers, pamphlet, letting your voice be heard, fighting and struggling for brothas as myself and alike. Is there something I can do to be a added voice? I have your back. I’m by your side. I took a break to eat this dog food chow they serve for dinner. But, I need your voice and support for me from out there, I need you to keep the pressure on these devils in this prison to show that I have you as family and support, most of all support for my wellbeing.

Let me bring this to a close for now, but remember one love our love, the people’s love! Dare to struggle, dare to win, fight for right, freedom, justice. Can’t stop, won’t stop, will not be stopped!

Freedom Now


Your Brotha & Respect”

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